Custom Star Wars Storm Trooper Model

custom storm trooper

I think it’s safe to say that since mass production, fancy dress parties and alcohol came to the fore (alcohol has always been to my fore) the street credibility of Storm Troopers has plummeted dramatically. It’s difficult to keep Darth Vader onside and maintain the respect of the wider universe if every Tom, Dick and Harry is misappropriating a Storm Trooper’s uniform from their local fancy dress shop and, in my experience, inevitably, using it to head off on a pub crawl of some description. Ergo, ten pints and two acts of public urination warnings later, it is clear that Storm Trooper’s stock will have fallen considerably. Whilst, it is my understanding, that it is illegal to impersonate a police officer, no such restrictions are imposed upon impersonating a Storm Trooper and, for this reason, they have tried to divert attention away from the fancy dress market with these awesome Custom Storm Trooper Figures which let you put your face upon the figure of the Storm Trooper.* Whilst this blatantly isn’t as fun as dressing up as a Storm Trooper and getting smashed on earth grog, it is pretty much the next best thing.

* Make sure you read the fine print when you let them add your face to the Storm Trooper figures. It basically signs you up to fight the Galactic Empire. And, as I found to my detriment, their medical insurance is shit. Lost an arm in a laser battle. My fault to be fair. Shot my own arm off. Thought it would grow back. Didn’t.

star wars

I was given the pretty boring job of guarding Hans Solo.

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