Devotec Fuel Micro Charger

Devotec Micro Fuel Charger

I’ve lost count of the number of times when I’ve been out and about (read: in a pub) and my phone has conked out (damn you Angry Birds) and the landlords typically frown upon me making myself at home behind the bar and slapping my charger in the plug and plonking my phone on the bar whilst it charges. No, no this won’t do at all. I need something much more surreptitious. Enter the frankly brilliant Devotec Fuel Micro Charger which is, somewhat awesomely, shaped like a petrol can. I use my phone in much the same way that I drive i.e. give it no regard when the warning light comes on telling me that its essentially running on empty and let it, in the case of my car, break, and in the phone’s case, shut down so this top notch little charger is definitely a bit of a godsend for someone as lazy / irresponsible as me. Plus you can use it to refuel your Scaletrix when they run out of petrol.*

* This is not true. This charger is only available in unleaded. And we all know Scaletrix run on diesel.

Devotec Fuel Micro Charger

I’ve started charging people to use my smartphone petrol pump. That’s my┬áentrepreneurial spirit.


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