Dish Whiskey Soap


I’m not going to lie, I do feel certain pangs of guilt when I’m getting smashed in my kitchen at home on my homemade moonshine and I can feel the eyes of the various kitchen utensils and dishes on me, bemoaning their lack of booze imbibing capabilities and begrudging me the whale of a time I’m having. Well, moan no longer, spatula, I’ve got just the thing for you in the form of this delicious sounding (must….not….drink) Dish Whiskey Soap that will get your knives and forks and that off their tits when you’re doing the washing up.

My kitchen is not the peaceful retreat it once was for me to get quietly drunk in peace – it’s like an episode of Jeremy Kyle with spoons running wild and paternity suits aplenty – those whisks are promiscuous little shits. I don’t lament introducing my kitchen utensils to Dish Whiskey Soap but I should perhaps have sourced something a little more vanilla before letting them loose on the hard liqor. My bad.


Triple vision is a common side effect of a heavy night on the Dish Whiskey.

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