Dog Scratchpost for Cats

Dog Scratchpost

I don’t currently own a feline but if I did, you can rest assured that he’d be be doing a number on this poor unfortunate dog as we speak. The Dog Scratch Post for Cats gives your cat the chance to unleash their frustrations for the hours on end that you annoy them by trying to stroke them (to no avail), ignoring their constant meowing for food and forgetting that you’ve left them outside all night. Having just realised that the Dog Scratch Post for Cats costs more than an actual dog, I’ve decided to opt for a real life equivalent instead. I realise that I’ll have to feed the real one but given that the scratch posts cost about £500, this is a cross that I’m willing to bear.

Cat Scratch Post

Chill out, Felix, I’m not going to scratch your dog.

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