Dropp Bowls

Dropp Bowl

I like my fruit bowls to have a bit of character – for example, one of my ex-fruitbowls is currently doing a four year stretch in Rikers for an assault and battery charge (he was stitched up) – but I think I’ve found a ready-made replacement for Biff until he gets paroled next year (fingers crossed) in the form of these awesome Dropp Bowls from A+R Store. Whilst they don’t possess the bad-boy edge that Biff had, they are characterful in the form of looking like whatever you toss in there is making a big splash. For added comedic effect, toss a load of M&M’s in there and laugh heartily to yourself at the unnaturally large splash that they make. I wasted a whole afternoon doing that the other day. My boss was maaaaaaaaaaaad.

Dropp Bowl Blue

Oh shit. I smell trouble. Biff was done for beating up a kiwi. I hope my Dropp bowl has a betterĀ temperament.

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