Duff Beer


To be quite honest, I’ve been watching Homer Simpson drink Duff Beer for the last 15 years or so now with a quiet reverance towards the sort of scrapes and escapades that he gets himself into under the influence of Duff – or under the “Duffluence” as it’s doubtless called.

This has led me to question my tipple of choice because, quite frankly and profoundly upsettingly, I’ve never had a fight with a badger, requisitioned a blimp or woken up in a bunker on a golf course after a Guinness bender but, yet, Homer has done all of these things in the midst of a devilish D-Hole. Ergo, it is patently clear what I must do – drink an entire crate of 24 Duff Beer Cans and see what sort of shennanigans ensue. I suppose Homer is considerably more rotund than I and a good deal older so 24 cans of Duff in a single sitting may well seem like folly but “go hard or go home” I always say.

I usually go home the hard way i.e. in an ambulance.


12 down. So far I’ve only got lary with a squirrel – working my way up to badger.

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