EdgeStar 5 Mini Kegerator

EdgeStar Beer Machine

Holy SHIT! Without wishing to mug off every other post on the site, I think that the frankly astoundingly brilliant and upsettingly expensive EdgeStar 5 Kegerator is the first item that genuinely SHOULD be mine that I’ve posted about. I love a beer, me. And I also love the thought of being able to look all sophisticated and that when I expertly pour my beer like a barrista. This exceptional machine, and new apple of my eye, will let you chuck a mini-keg of your favourite tipple into its innards and allow you to pour the perfect pint every time (providing that your perfect pint is a 50/50 ratio of froth to beer, as mine is). No words can fully convey quite how much I want this device in my life but with a price tag with more zeroes than I can shake a stick at (or afford) (it’s two zeros, incidentally) (I’m doing a lot of parenthesis in a row here) (touch unusual) (I think I done too many parenthesis to go naturally back into the sentence now – so…..) I LOVE BEER.

Newcastle Brown Ale Keg

Quite why you’d befoul your Kegerator with Newcastle Brown Ale is beyond me. Poor thing had to be put to sleep.

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