Efeet Stuff

Efeet Bowl Front

Given that I, if time permits, typically eat my own bodyweight in sugar for breakfast in the morning, it is certainly with no shortage of interest that I bear witness to these wonderfully anthropometric monstrosities that will give you the run-around in the morning and make your work for your breakfast, fatty. For those of you with genuine concerns / phobias of porcelain possession, fear not, they don’t literally walk away from you. It’s more of a tip-toe because, as you can see, they are somewhat lacking in the ocular department which means its just common sense to not attempt to rush around. It’s painful, although strangely compelling, to watch your Efeet Bowl tiptoe towards the edge of the breakfast table which leaves you with the inevitable “should I interfere with nature” quandary and whether you should intervene before he falls. For keen followers of Attenborough documentaries, you will be well aware that you should bet on the outcome let nature take its course. Better invest in a good dust pan and brush because there’s going to be a hell of a lot of breakages.

Efeet Salt and Pepper

Safe to say, the Salt and Pepper Efeet are no more intelligent then their bowl brethren.

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