Electree Solar Charger

The sun is a clever old bean. It’s by far the biggest thing in the universe, makes life possible on earth, can live to 3 billion years old and is 92% hydrogen* but none of these facts hold a candle to the fact it is responsible for fuelling Electrees.

These aren’t facts but things I think I remember from GCSE Science.

The impressive looking Electree is a clever little device that (isn’t that little) will charge your devices via the medium of sun. Argh, alas, I’ve just read the product page for this apparatus a bit more closely and it isn’t powered by the suns rays at all but actually by light and is strictly for indoor use but, being an inherently lazy individual, I’m unprepared to go back and change the first paragraph so we’ll just start from scratch here. So basically it arrives in a number of different modules which allows you to fashion a tree of your own choosing (within reason – no redwoods or anything) and you can charge various different pieces of technology upon it (maybe even non-Apple devices).

OK, so this is annoying, I’ve just read the last paragraph of the official site and it says the bloody thing IS powered by daylight. Ergo, I no longer want one because of the mind-boggling website (which by no means is a result of my haste in not reading the site properly).

Electree Charger

Hmmm – I’ve I’d seen this picture earlier, I think everything may have been much clearer.

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