F#CK Yes Stamp

F#ck Yes Stamp

I am a man of inaction, prone to frantic bouts of action when a deadline draws near or it looks as though I may get in trouble. The reason for this inaction typically stems from the fact there is too much bueraucracy and dilly-dallying in the business world with people desperate to thrown meetings for the sake of saying a meeting was held.

Fuck that shit. I think that a new system needs to be implemented in the workplace and I have a Utopian vision of exactly how this will work in practice. Basically, every business, regardless of industry, buys one of these awesome FUCK YES Stamps and they are distributed to the boss and thenĀ  the other employees have to submit ideas to him (or HER, feminists) in writing and he will decide whether idea is worthy of a “FUCK YES” or not. I anticipate it working thusly:

Marketing Director: Hello, sir, here’s my storyboard for the new Guinness advert.

Managing Director: Has it got funny cats in it? Funny cats doing stupid shit?

Marketing Director: Of course.

Managing Director: Pass it here then. [SHOUTS] FUCK YES!!! [STAMPS PAPER].


I will utilise this device whenever someone asks me if I want a tea? Slamming it down on the desk and such.

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