Fold Boat


Since I have got considerably fatter and, more importantly, buoyant of late, I am no longer quite as reticent to venture onto water as I once was. The extra layer of seal-like blubber that I have managed to cultivate through a dedicated diet that consists almost universally of pizza, nachos and macaroni cheese means that I’m less likely to become locked within Davey Jones’ locker whenever I fall from which ever vessel I have drunkenly commandeered on any given day – which, truth be told – is, more often than not, a swan-shaped pedalo. I am, however, always on the lookout for for other non-swan-shaped sea faring vessels for me to ransack for beer and snacks have a little jolly on the open seas upon. I have found a front-runner for my attention (which is notoriously short) in the form of this fantastic Fold Boat. A brilliantly conceived idea that will add an extra dimension to any impromptu, water-adjacent picnic (by which I mean a rescue from the Coast Guard), it is fair to say I want one of these Fold Boats real bad. It does, however, have a number of drawbacks that I can see. Namely, anything that requires even the most rudimental of construction on my part is doomed to failure and, secondly, it would appear that you need to pack it up and carry it around with you. That does not tally with my inherent laziness. And, in my case, makes this little chap a “single use” boat.

fold boat pack

fold boat carry

Horatio (my butler) is not going to be happy lugging this down to the local park and back.

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