FujiFilm Instax Mini

Photojojo Fuji Instax Camera

The term “survival of the fittest” would suggest that the Kodak camera was bullied into extinction by a bunch of fancy Dan digitial cameras for a reason. Namely, that people didn’t want a shit-tonne of photos clogging up their drawers and, perhaps more significantly, didn’t want to remortgage their homes to facilitate paying for new Kodak film when theirs ran out.

Well, the chaps at FujiFilm have patently thought “Fuck that shit” and have, following a bit of Jurassic Park style genetic engineering, bought the instant print camera back to life in the form of this, admittedly rather fantastic looking, FujiFilm Instax Mini Camera, which will be perfect for impatient types who capture the perfect photo of their cat falling off the sofa (or something boring like their kid taking their first steps) and have to print it out right away. Well, the FujiFilm Instax Mini lets you do exactly that. And for this, I salute it. Because my cat will no longer escape the ignominy of falling of the sofa again.


Is that woman getting kicked in the face?

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