Gentleman’s Apron

Gentleman's Apron

As any dapper gentleman (or Dexter-esque vigilante) knows, you can’t go wrong with a good apron and as I am an incredibly industrious and useful fellow, I need to surround myself with a multitude of tools and accessories. Being a staunch opposer of pockets and tool boxes (they know why), it’s is clear that I require something else to carry my shit around and, safe to say, they don’t get much more sartorially superb than this, quite frankly awesome, Gentleman’s Apron from TRVR (they’re Korean, so good look with the translation, old bean. Unless you’re Korean. In which case, translations on a postcard please). I’m the sort of man’s man who can fix or build absolutely anything (don’t seek independent verification on this) so it’s often the case that I’ll be walking down the road and that and I’ll see a broken birdhouse (an admittedly odd example) and I’ll feel the need to fix the thing. Once would be the time that I’d have to go home and get my tool knapsack (see previous tool box aversion) and then get to work. But if I start walking the streets in my Gentleman’s Apron, I’ll be committed to a mental institution pretty quickly probs always be prepared for any DIY emergency.

Update:¬†I started using my Gentleman’s Apron as a beer¬†receptacle and I’m currently on week two of a one month city centre banning order for drunk and disorderly conduct.

Gentleman's Apron Close

These pockets are perfect for storing bar snacks such as peanuts, pork scratchings and curly fries. All of which are, admittedly, a bit of affront to the gentlemanly nature of the apron.

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