Gentleman’s Deck Cards

Gentleman's Deck

When you play cards both recreationally (solitaire in my pants) and professionally (Top Trumps Pro League), it can become a bit laborious to see the same sorts of cards week in, week out. Variety is the spice of life as they say and I want something a bit different whilst I’m gently sobbing as I play my 1000th straight game of solitaire whilst waiting for the phone to ring and for me to get an invite to the jock’s party. Well, I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone by investing in these awesome Gentleman’s Deck Cards which will turn me into a social butterfly by giving me loads of gentlemanly tips that will stand me in good stead as I try to win friends and influence people. I may even graduate from solitaire to snap as my confidence grows and I become more of a dapper chap about town.

Gentlemans Deck Cards

Wore a tie with a Windsor Knot to the Top Trumps. The geeks were NOT amused.

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