You’re Welcome Gift Tags

You're Welcome Tag

They say that it is better to give than to receive which is probably true but only if the recipient is massively and overtly grateful and only too aware as to who supplied the present in the first place. Nothing winds me up more than people receiving one of my gifts and not being aware that it was me that kindly ordained upon them. And nothing winds up other gift-givers more than me “gift-hovering” (which entails hanging unnecessarily close to the present recipient in order to gauge their reaction to a present and claim credit instantly for the one that has the most positive reaction). As an expert gift-hoverer, I’m making sure I’ve got all the bases covered at the next birthday party (which, given that I’m now over 30, won’t be any time before I die) I go to by slapping one of these brilliant You’re Welcome Gift Tags on the front of the present which I’ve handed over so that no one can reverse-gift-hover me. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

You're Welcome

As I don’t get invited to many parties anymore (after previous “unpleasantness”), I’ve taken to using my You’re Welcome tags for more mundane things i.e. leaving them in the sink when I’ve done the washing up or on the toilet when I’ve done something gross.

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