Godfather Monopoly

Monopoly Godfather Edition

We all know that an actual game of Monopoly, when you play to the rules and don’t make up legislations like “Broken Cash Machine – Take $10,000”, takes hours to complete and, in all honesty, can be tedious beyond belief. Well, this can all be a thing of the past with Monopoly The Godfather Edition – which puts the cat amongst the pigeons and the horse heads amongst the bedding. You’ll be able to make plenty of offers the other players can’t refuse (such as ‘are you sure you want to keep playing) whilst making your way around famous locations from the movie such as Moe Green’s Casino and Joe’s Diner. I do love gangster related stuff, The Godfather in particular, but whether this love of Dons is enough to counterbalance my lack of love for being bored by boardgames that take longer than the film itself remains to be seen.

monopoly pieces

I bagsy the Tommy Gun.

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