Google Chromecast

chromecast google

Now, I’m not entirely convinced I’ve properly understood exactly what it is that this television streaming piece of witchcraft from Google, the Chromecast, does but if I’ve got the right end of the stick (which I seldom do), I believe that it basically lets you stream whatever it is you’re watching on your laptop onto your HDTV via the tiny Google dongle (or as I shall be calling it henceforth, my Gongle).

To be honest, however, it probably would have been made better sense to launch this device with the moniker “Funny Shit Cats Do TV” because it is my understanding that watching retarded cats fall off kitchen counters or stumble into fish bowls and that accounts for around 95% of the stuff watched on the internet.

Who am I to argue with Google, however,  who, from what I can tell, have got their business head screwed on pretty tightly – so, the Chromecast this device will remain, I’m sure. It will set you back $35 (or twenty of your English pounds) and, if you ask me, this is a small price to pay to see stuff like the below on your tellybox:


Or, you could buy one of the weird spider things above. Endless hours of fun.

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