Grove Skate Case

grove skatecase

As I’m such a charitable soul, I opt for rescue phones from the pound instead of buying brand spanking new ones from the phone shop (a decision entirely unrelated to my criminally low credit rating) and I’ve grown pretty fond of my latest phone which was severely mistreated by its previous owner (a fat, hairy Snap-Chap addict). It’s taken a little while but I think I’ve got the little fella to trust me now (we had a rocky patch when I accidently dropped him in my pint of Guinness but we overcame it).

The rescued phone is now so comfortable in my presence that he confided to me that when he was growing up (which, I assume, means when he was a bunch of microchips or some shit) that he wanted to be a professional skateboarder. Now, if the phone wasn’t rescued from a pound and I hadn’t felt sorry for him, I would surely have called him a twat and told him that its entirely unrealistic for a phone to be a skateboarder. But, instead, like the lovely fellow that I am, I bought one of these awesome Grove Skate Cases for the little chap instead. Made from old pieces of skateboards and looking pretty damned cool, it’s safe to say that my phone was happy as Larry with his new outfit.

Update: It turns out it wasn’t the phone telling me that he wanted to be a skateboarder. It was a friend of mine who had rung me up. I called him a twat. And told him it was unrealistic.

Grove Skate Case

Gnarly shred, bro. Pretty sure I got the lingo spot on just there.

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