Growler City Bike

growler city bike

Not that I am unhappy with my rusty, white Raleigh bike with a broken tail-light and squeaky brakes but I’m currently experiencing some major grass is greener syndrome having laid my turncoat eyes on this rather brilliant Growler City Bike. It is clear to me, now, that designers of bicycles have, hitherto, been approaching it all wrong for years now. Where they’ve been focusing on the ergonomics, testing the brakes and all that shit, they should have done it like the fine chaps who designed the Growler City Bike, J.Ruiter and built the bike around one core and irreplaceable component. In the case of the Growler City Bike, this core component is a device for holding your booze receptacle. And that, sir, I think we can agree is the coriest of core components when off on a cycling jolly.

Once they’d managed to build the bike around making sure you can transport your grog safely and in style, they turned their attention to making sure that the bike looks pretty bad-ass. Another tick in the “mission accomplished” coloumn there because the Growler City Bike looks like Night Rider’s two-wheeled, athletic brother. And, as this contraption’s main responsibility is ensuring that you get smashed and not solving crimes and that like Kit, it has just the one pre-recorded command which is “Of course you’re not too drunk to bike home, squire”. Which is more of a lie than a command, truth be told.

growler bike

Nice growler, chap.

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