Handpresso Coffee Machine


I don’t know if you saw that movie, Drive, but it was basically about a stunt-car driver who did bank jobs on the side (don’t we all?) but, what you didn’t see because it ended up on the cutting room floor, was the fact that he descended into a world of crime due to having one of these Handpresso Coffee Machines installed in his car. The fact that this scene didn’t make the cut meant the rest of the film was filled with plot holes such as when Hal from Malcolm in the Middle asks him “Where did you learn to drive like that, boy?” and then Gosling proceeds to speed around the Walmart car parking doing donuts and shouting “FUCK YEAH!!!! I’m a spaceman from the Planet Nespresso, mo-fo! I’m going to go rob me some banks” And then there’s a slow star-fade to a Handpresso Machine in his car – the fact that this wasn’t in the final movie is probably why people didn’t understand about his transition from mild-mannered stunt driver, to espresso-rage bank robber.


Safe to say that Handpresso ditched his agent after he failed to make the cut in Drive. I represent him now. Got him a kick-ass role in the Lincoln biopic. Eagle-eyed movie authenticity spotters seem up in arms about the appearance unfortunately.

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