Helvetica Bike

helvetica bike

If you want a bike named after your favourite font (yours is Helvetica too, right?) then this stylish machine should be your first choice….those Times New Roman bikes are getting far too big for their boots. The Helvetica bike comes from Spanish designer Boja Garcia and evokes vintage Swiss style to great effect. Bikes are a pretty cool way to get around (unless it’s too cold, rainy, snowing, windy, looks like it might be windy, too warm, a dangerous neighboughood, cars don’t exist….) and if I was going to have a bike (I do have a bike) then it would be the Helvetica bike (it isn’t). It’s a pretty sleek looking machine and if you’re a fan of Swiss engineering and design, you’ll find it difficult to find fault with this bicycle. Probably won’t look quite as cool when it’s caked in mud and you’ve got a Tesco’s carrier bag over the seat though.

helvetica bike close up

Hmmmm – IS that the Helvetica font? Yes, probably.

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