Horse Bicycle

Horse Bike White

I am by no means an accomplished cyclist and have about a 50/50 ratio between falling off my bike and successfully reaching my intended destination (the pub) without toppling from my steed. I’ve recently removed the stabilisers from my bike so I’m in the market for something a bit more grown up so I was delighted to come across these obscenely awesome Horse Bicycles which, despite their gender (or species?) confusion (i.e. they’re not equine), are all sorts of amazing. My lack of proficiency on a bike (and the recent removal of my stabilisers) makes me somewhat reticent about diving head-long onto a bike that has what I like to term “satan-horn” handlebars because, the last time I piloted a steed with such a navigatory device, I ended up wrapped round a tree. In the tree’s defence, I was only eight, unused to cycling and drunk. These fantastic Horse Bicycles are hand-made in Brooklyn, NY from local materials which makes them jolly good eggs in my book.

Update: I fell foul of the Satan Horns once again. Hit the same tree that I encountered as an eight year old. He remembered me from last time though so we had a catch up. He’s looking forward to spring.

Horse Bike

In the immortal words of the Rolling Stones – “Wild horses couldn’t drag me away…“. From the mangled wreckage of my tree smash. Left it to the paremedics.

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