Impossible Instant Labs


Taking photos isn’t as fun as it used to be when you used to take a shit-tonne of pictures on a camera with no digital display (or flying blind as I like to call it) so you had no idea whether you’d captured that squirrel with its knob out or that poignant memory when you pour a woefully inadequate Guinness at the Guinness factory in Dublin until you hand your roll of film into the photo lab technician for him to develop (and silently judge) your photos.

Well, that could be all about to change courtesy of this spiffing little device that goes by the name of Impossible Instant Labs and which will, once more, allow you the simple pleasure of holding a physical photograph in your hands as opposed to the less simple and pleasurable process of de-tagging all the unflattering photos on Facebook, which is the current state of photography affairs for most of us. This beast of a device looks a bit like a Mayan temple, no? Maybe that’s what extincted (it’s a word) them. Digital photography.


Yeah, that’s defo what the Mayan’s were praying to.

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