iPhone Deckchair Stand

iPhone DeckchairIt’s a hard life being a phone. Or, perhaps, it’s just a hard life beingĀ my phone. Dropped in urinals, ringing off the hook with over two phone calls a week, tossed irately at the wall when the pig doesn’t roll off the wooden platform even though it is at an angle that gravity dictates he should and various other hardships that no phone should have to endure. As such, I often like to make my phone feel special and, in lieu of actually sending him on holiday (he’s scared of flying), I can at least treat him to one of these rather spiffing iPhone Deckchair Stands to make him feel like he’s in far away climes – when, in fact, he’ll be merely chilling on my crumb filled and wrapper strewn desk at work. But, to be fair, my shit-covered (not literally) desk at work isn’t any more repugnant than, say, the beaches of Malia or Magaluf. So, quit your whining phone.

Deckchair iPhone Stand

That’s blatantly a German iPhone. No offence, Germany.

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