Jägermeister Shotmeister


I’m not ashamed to admit that, for the most part, I utterly abhor spirits and shots thereof but will, quite happily, drink Guinness until the cows come home – often literally when I decide that, in a drunken haze, it’s a good idea to put a cow in the boot of the car. I have now decided that my credentials as a lush are on the line if I don’t get to grips with spirits so I’ve seen fit to invest in one of these devilishly awesome Jägermeister Shotmeister Device which, I’m hoping, will enhance my spirit tolerance exponentially.

This spiffing little machine dispense perfectly proportioned shots of Jägermeister at the touch of the button, which means that its already got the edge on my beloved Guinnes, which is dispensed at the touch of four buttons – i.e. my pin code on the card-reader. To be honest, it’s quite likely that I will become addicted to Jägermeister and start taking this device everywhere with me i.e. on my train during the morning commute, into office meetings, to the pub, to bed and that.

Update: Train conductor confiscated it :(


The tattooed man from the home shopping channel vouches for it, you say? SOLD!

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