Keeo Interactive Keyholder


As a man with reduced coordination through years of Guinness addiction, there are few tasks that I find more difficult, or annoying, than pissing about with my janitor-esque size bunch of keys in search of the requisite key for my front door. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve given up, tossed the keys in the road in a fit of rage and rocked back and forth, gently sobbing to myself, on the doorstep until my girlfriend returns and lets me in. “Keys?” she’ll say and I’ll sheepishly point at the road.

Well, no longer will the inanimate object of keys make a complete dickhead of me with their fiddly nature as this rather awesome little device that goes by the name of the Keeo Interactive Keyholder is going to make my keys a good deal more compliant. This little chap will hold up to three keys and will, at the touch of a button, release the relevant key to unlock whichever douchebag door is standing between you and sitting in your pants on the sofa, eating trail mix and drinking Guinness. I think the Keeo interactive keyholder will be a real lifesaver for me because the doc says I can’t get pnemonia again – I get locked out a lot in the winter.


Yep, I’ve definitely got room for that in my pocket.

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