Klecker Glow in the Dark Knife

glow knife

Though you may not know this about me but, and don’t do any Facebook stalking of me seeking independent verification of this, I’m a mightily accomplished woodsman a la Bear Grylls and I am perfectly capable of surviving in the wilds for extended periods of time given my impeccable and ruthless hunting skills. I am, however, a fellow famed for my perfectionism and, truth be told, I find it altogether far too easy to sneak up on simple minded squirrels and retarded rabbits and end them. It is no longer a challenge for me and I decided it was high time I upped the hunting ante somewhat. In order to do this, I’ve decided to invest in one of these awesome Glow in the Dark Knives by Klecker because then the squirrels can’t be all like “Bro, I totally didn’t see you coming….”. And if they do make such claims, they’re either lying squirrely shits or its testament to my ninja-esque hunting qualities.


Wait, you have to put the knife together yourself?! I’m a hunter, not a bloody master craftsman!

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