Laundry Punch Bag

Punch Bag Laundry Bag

Like most men, I hate laundry but given its inertia, it makes it pretty difficult to remain furious at. I still do, mind. If I see a piece of laundry knocking about my flat, with its stupid creases and that, there is more than a slight chance that I will give it a sound thrashing. Needless to say, this gets me nowhere because a] you can’t really beat up clothes and b] given my obesity, even the mildest form of exercise i.e. beating up my socks, will leave me a sweaty wheezing mess which, of course, will leave my “dishing the pain” outfit in need of laundering too. That, sir, is exactly the sort of scenario for which the term “vicious circle” was invented. Well, I’ve discovered a rather spiffing item which I hope will help me address my anger issues regarding washing and that with this brilliant Laundry Punch Bag that you can lob all your dirty shit into and go all Fight Club on it and that. His name was Robert Paulson etc etc.

Laundry Punchbag

Like most of my fashion related purchase, it will remain unusued in my wardrobe after a week or so.

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