LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine


Now, I am in no way trying to besmirch the memory of Back to the Future but I think that it is perhaps now looking a little dated insomuch as the optimal speed for time travel being a rather achievable 86MPH. If this were actually the case, I would have ended up in the Jurassic period a fair few times yesterday as I pootled around onĀ  the motorway.

These minor quibbles aside, it is clear that Back to the Future is patently awesome for, if it were not, then those bacon loving chaps over at LEGO wouldn’t have made this downright fantastic LEGO version of the Delorean Time Machine. Or would they? Someone once told me that multi-national companies occasionally do things in order to make money but I’m going to give LEGO the benefit of the doubt and say that this construct is merely in homage to the time travelling classic, Back to the Future.

To be quite honest, I think I need to go back to the future (or forward to the past) in order to fully appreciate this LEGO Delorean because, quite frankly, I haven’t really forgiven LEGO for all the foot-related injuries it inflicted upon me as a child and have, quite legitimately in my opinion, held a vendetta against it in adulthood. Now, there will be those out there who say that these foot injuries were my fault because I insisted on building a LEGO carpet across my entire bedroom floor but they can piss off because it was a good idea at the time. I had my reasons. Boogie Man is scared of LEGO.


Are you were jeggings, Mcfly?

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