Lego Santa Mech

Santa Mech

With Christmas Day a mere matter of days away, I fully expect this chap to be blasting a hole in my chimney and wrecking up my joint as he’s putting the presents under my tree. I recall my parents telling me all about Santa and his altruistic gift-giving ways but I’m pretty sure that they didn’t mention him stomping about in an armoured mechanical suit. I reckon I would of had some questions about that. In actuality, this top notch LEGO Santa Mech is the brainchild of LEGO-nut, Mark Anderson, who clearly has the inside track on the real Santa and hasn’t been fooled by all this reindeer bullshit. It is much more viable that Santa could deliver all those presents in his Transformers costume than he could with a bunch of no-good reindeer so I’m a firm believer in this incarnation of St Nick. Just hope you’re on his “Nice” list because woe betide you if you find yourself on the “Naughty” one because he’ll errrrrm, I don’t know, crush your head or summint.

Santa Mech Back

Santa Mech Sack

Love the look of fear on this particular elf’s face. It is clear that Santa rules with an iron fist and, resultantly, runs a pretty tight ship, I bet.

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