Light Saber Toothbrush

light saber tooth brush

The dentist advertising campaigns must pretty much have written themselves on Tattooine and that – “Use the brush, Luke, use the brush”. To be quite honest though, the issue of dental hygiene wasn’t a particularly big problem in a galaxy far, far away because Yoda, Bobba, Chewbacca et al got to use these rather awesome Light Saber Toothbrushes rather than the dickish, boring ones that we’re forced to endure.

But, wait, it would appear that technology from Alderaan or whatever has finally filtered down to earth – send that death grip, Vader, you knob – because you can pick up one of these awesome Light Saber Toothbrushes in Boots or wherever now (almost certainly not Boots). Needless to say, brushing one’s teeth with a light saber is whole new ball game, so don’t be surprised if you inflict some pretty horrific damage to your chompers whilst you’re getting to grips with the nuclear energy or whatever magic powers light sabers. Just a word of warning, however, most dentists seem wholly reluctant to treat light saber dental mishaps – chipped a tooth with mine and, after I lied to the dentist about light saber related, he was a bit of a dick about it. So, I chopped his hand off and told him I was his dad.

Star-Wars-Lightsaber-TBMaterials on Tattooine look as ropey as ours.

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