Luminair Tree Tent

Channel your inner Ewok with this somewhat unconventional dwelling, the Luminair Tree Tent. If you’ve ever wanted to live in the trees (or spend an extended period of time in them) then you might as well do it in style. This tent that LIVES IN THE TREES is certainly a great way of saying to the birds, monkeys and that “Hey tree dwellers, I’m here too…get used to it.” Just don’t expect their assistance when you inevitably become stuck or encounter a particularly vicious wood bully i.e. a raccoon. The Luminair Tree Tent has recently been spotted on Channel 4 so you better snap one up before they become celebrity favourites and the price is ramped up. Although, having said that, they will already set you back over £6000, so you should find some flush squirrels to go halvsies with.

You think they’d tidy up a bit for a publicity shot, no?

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