Marc Newson Jet Pack

Marc Newson JetPack

I’ve got a few plans that my stupid legs and their gravity obeying ways just won’t facilitate – some of said plans include shouting in squirrels ears to wake them up in the morning, capturing live birds for my idea for a Broadway show (Hint: It’s Angry Birds: The Musical – the preview shows have not gone over too well, unfortunately – bit messy) and, last but not least, hoovering over traffic, yelling abuse and that. Well, these noble objectives need remain in my “pipe-dream” brain segment any longer courtesy of the obscenely excellent Marc Newson Jet Pack above. Needless to say, this device will unquestionably be “single-use” in my case given the fact that I can pilot neither a car nor a bike without crashing it into something – in my car’s case, I crashed into my office (at approximately 3-4MPH) and on the bike, the things I’ve crashed into are too numerous to list. Anyhow, I’ve given the instruction pamphlet a skim read and I’m firing up this bad boy as we speak.

UPDATE: During the maiden voyage, a squirrel wound up in the jet engine, causing me to ditch in the Atlantic. Coast guard were maaaaaaaaaad at having to rescue me again.

Marc Newson JetPack Side

Got propositioned by a bee when I was faffing about in the sky.

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