Marvel Superhero Cookie Gubbins

Marvel Spatulas

I don’t know about you but I always get a tinge of guilt every time I dip my non-superhero spatulas into boiling water or sizzling oil. Poor guys, I think. You’re not made of sterner stuff like The Hulk, say. So, imagine my relief when I became aware of these brilliant Marvel Superhero spatulas in my local shop. Rest assured, I will have no qualms about dipping Peter Parker or Tony Stark into boiling hot oil. I know that they can take it. I think it’s a nice touch that the Bruce Banner spatula doesn’t turn into the Hulk until after you’ve dipped him in burning oil or made him do something degrading like stirring your Lucky Charms.

Marvel Cookie Cutter

If I was a superhero, cookies would be my Kryptonite and my character would be called the Cookie Monster (yep, pretty sure there isn’t already a character with this moniker). Don’t feel bad if your attempts at making Marvel cookies aren’t as good as mine above because a] I didn’t make these and b] Michel Roux Jr did.

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