Melon Headband and App

Melon Headband

Have you ever wondered what your brain gets up to when you’re sat in your pants on the sofa, mindlessly channel-hopping through the TV channels or sat at your desk at work, devouring packet after packet of Hob-Knob biscuits? Well, wonder no longer as this brilliant Melon Headband and App will give you an insight into how your brain behaves based on what you are doing at any given time and what stimulus you have around you, whether this be revising for an exam to classical music or exercising to heavy metal. Needless to say, I don’t revise for things (I’m naturally gifted) and God knows I don’t exercise, so I needed to think of a new set of stimuli to test my gargantuan brain. I decided that the best way of seeing how my brain rolls was by measuring the response it had when I was presented with a pint of Guinness compared to how it reacted when I was given a low-fat, non-alcoholic beer. As I fully expected, the Guinness sent my brainwaves batshit and the non-alcoholic beverage seemed to suggest that I had entered some sort of vegetative, coma-like state. I’m pretty sure that the creators of this excellent gizmo had exactly this sort of experiment in mind when they set about getting it to market and it worked flawlessly because I bloody love Guinness and hate non-alcoholic shit.

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I say the EXACT same thing about Guinness! Spooky.

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