Mini Buddy

mini buddy

They say that narcissism AKA being massively self obsessed, is a very becoming trait in a man and I think there can be few better things to spend my moderately hard-earned money upon than a small, cuddly visual representation of myself crafted by the good chaps over at I Am A Stuffed Animal. I’m a loveable rogue and were it not a physiological impossibility, I’d gladly spend all day hugging myself. Fortunately, however, via the medium of one of these awesome Mini-Buddies, this dream can become a reality because I can send a photo of myself in for them to make one of these stunningly realistic representation of me.

I do have some concerns, however, as a man of my ample framage will be difficult to commit to cushion form and I don’t want those bastards to stiff me on fabric costs. Conversely, I would be equally as unhappy if they took it upon themselves to fill my Mini-Buddy with asbestos. Needless to say, I’m going to send them a photo from about five years ago when I only had two or three chins as opposed to the double figure count I’ve got going on nowadays. Although, to be honest, the more chins on the cushion, the comfier it will be, I guess.


Neither of these douche-bags are wearing suitable snow attire.

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