Moss Dock


My iPod is always moaning about being couped up in my pockety and feeling stifled and that. Well, I’m nothing if not a good owner of things and I’ve decided to give my iPod (there are other MP3 players available – such as the Zune) a more free-range lifestyle with this decidedly awesome Moss iPod Dock by Daniel Chang. Now, you might think that I’m making this lovely gesture out of the goodness of my heart but, truth be told, I know that my iPod suffers from rather debilitating hayfever and I’m going to make sure that there is plenty of pollen intermingled with the moss to teach that uppity little shit for staging a mini-mutiny regarding the living conditions in my trouser pocket.

To be honest though, I don’t really blame him for taking issue with said conditions – they’re cramped, dark and filled with various half-eaten (I store food away like a squirrel) confectionary. There is a win-win situation to be had with this Moss iPod Dock, however, as it patently looks brilliant and will add a bit a design flair to that old flat of mine. Additionally, I will finally be able to test my “rolling rock gathers no moss” hypothesis.

Update: Rolling Rock tastes great with a moss garnish.

moss dock

The accumulated insects in the moss soon grew weary of my constant repeats of the Spice Girl Greatest Hits album.

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