My Comic Strip Magnets


I’ve often thought about becoming a superhero. It’s a piece of piss really. You’ve just got to find your niche and then you’re in. Lamentably, the wonderfully round headed Karl Pilkington has already staked his claim to “Bullshit Man” – a character who flies around calling people out when they are talking bullshit. It’s a shame that one is taken because I think it would really have played to my strengths. So, back to the drawing board, as they say.

So, when I arrived at the drawing board, it became immediately and painfully apparent that I cannot draw. Except penises and doodles – both of which I do exceptionally well. In not wanting to be known as Penis Man, however, I’ve had to come up with a a new approach and I will be using these awesome My Comic Strip Magnets to help me formulate a storyboard of potential personas for me to adopt. I’ve got a few early front-runners for my new superhero alter-ego including:

Guinness Man – Sits around drinking Guinness in his pants and that (I don’t need a costume for this one).

I stopped thinking of new ones after Guinness Man, such was its appeal.

my-comic-life-photo-magnet-set_0My fridge is going to be subjected to some pretty immature comic strips, safe to say.

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