Napkins for Taxi Drivers

taxi napkins

We’ve all been here, don’t pretend you haven’t. When you’ve had one too many lager tops and you’ve found a taxi foolhardy enough to take you home (despite him knowing full well that you’re either going to vomit or pass out) you’re going to need some form of communiqué  that will give the taxi driver a bit of a hint as to how to proceed. All you need to do is act sober enough for a sufficient amount of time to trick the taxi driver into thinking you’re a respectable citizen in requirement of carriage home and as soon as he pops those back doors open chuck a load of these enlightening Taxi Napkins through his window and begin your slumber in the back. To be honest though, it is probably missing a few imperative tick boxes such as:

  • That vomit was here when I got in
  • I don’t have any money. My bad
  • Please place me upright against my front door (Summer) / In the shed round the back (Winter)
  • This is my boss’ mobile number _______ Please phone at 8:30AM explaining my absence

There are plenty of other scenarios where napkins like these would seem a good idea. Off the top of my head – dating, job interviews and wakes.

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