Neon Yellow Slingshot

neon slingshot golden gate

With the popularity of Bart Simpson seemingly on the wane (I assume that because I no longer watch The Simpsons nobody else does either) I think there may be a gap in the market for a new nation’s favourite rapscallion and I’m blatantly going to vie for the position given that I like to get drunk and get into japes. That’s what Bart did right? Either way, I can remember from watching The Simpsons in my youth that Bart favoured a catapult as his weapon of choice and I’m not one to ignore the positive aspects of my predecessors (I’ve already bagged the position as his replacement in my head) so I will be investing in one of these awesome Neon Yellow HellaSlingshots and seeing what sort of mischief I can get into. I’m hoping it will be things like smashing windows in Shelbyville and not getting shot at by SWAT Police Officers when I inadvertently fire my slingshot at pigeons and that. How can you accidentally fire a slingshot at a pigeon I hear you say? When you’re aiming at a magpie that’s how. Needless to say, my lack of sobriety effects my depth perception significantly so no magpies have been harmed, I can assure you. Alas, the same cannot be said of the SWAT team. They never miss magpies.

Neon Slingshot

Oh yeah, it floats. Which is pretty cool, right?

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