Ninja Knife Fridge Magnets

Ninja Magnets

As one (of my many) New Year’s resolutions (that is destined for failure) is to lose weight, I fully expect to grow to hate my fridge over the next few weeks due to the horrible excuses for food it will soon have dwelling within it. As such, I will take out my anger on my white goods with these excellent Ninja Knife Fridge Magnets that will act as a warning to your fridge to not mess with you this January the 6th (or whenever your willpower breaks) and let you have the secret stash of pizza and junk food that you’ve got squirrelled away in there. Whilst, in my current state of devastating obesity, I would make the worst ninja on earth (they’ll hear me coming a mile off), I think once I’ve got fit by February (Read: Given up on my diet), I’ll be perfectly capable of a Shredder-esque level of Ninja prowess and will be capturing and eating turtles in no time. That’s what he was trying to do in Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, right?

Ninja Fridge Magnet

The Ninja Fridge Magnets are also perfect for putting threatening notes on the fridge at work i.e. “I know you ate my Pot Noodle, Dave. I’m a reet good ninja me so, you know, don’t eat my Pot Noodles”. I’m shit with words, write your own note.

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