ONDU Pinhole Camera

Ondu camera

Cameras are clever things but are, in most cases, ugly as shit. I think it is clear that a trip back to style school is long overdue for cameras which have grown comfortable, lazy and fat now that they now know that us humans have fallen for their charms and will buy one regardless of them having an appearance that only a mother could love. Well, I say “No, cameras, this won’t do – sort your life out!” and after a month long campaign alongside Gok Wan (I took a more supervisory role from the confines of the pub) I think we’ve successfully managed to give cameras a whole new lease of life. No longer are cameras the ugly dickheads that we are ashamed to get out of our pockets and only get out when we think no one is looking. No, sir, they are cut from a much more dapper cloth nowadays courtesy of Gok and my makeover (he’ll insist that I played no role in their transformation and there is some pretty damning pub CCTV footage to back up his claim but that’s all bollocks). Say hello to the stylish new breed of camera which goes by the name of the ONDU Panoramic Pinhole Camera. Safe to say, there will be no trace of shame when you whip out this dapper wooden bastard and take that picture of that squirrel with its knob out or whatever.


What are they up to? They’re plotting something, I can tell.

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