Owen & Fred Luggage Tags

Owen & Fred Luggage

They say that possession is 9/10s of the law and that is a rule that I abide by utterly. I will also do literally anything that I read providing that it is engraved into rich mahogany and / or thick vegetable tanned leather. Resultantly, I have avoided many an awkward scenario at the airport when I’m loitering by the baggage carousels doing my day job (I’m not a baggage handler – I steal luggage). Well, I’m nothing if not a reet good chap so I’m more than willing to leave anyone’s luggage alone providing they’ve had the common sense to slap one of these fantastic Owen & Fred Luggage Tags upon their bags. I’m still a hippie at heart (despite not being alive during the sixties. And hating hippies) so I don’t go in for all this ownership bullnonsense (I’ve started making up my own watered down swear words – no big deal) but as aforementioned I will listen to messages conveyed via the medium of leather so there are plenty of airline passengers who have avoided having their luggage falling victim to my five finger discount at the airport by shelling out a mere $26 on one of these top notch Owen & Fred luggage tags. Money well spent.

Owen & Fred

Safe to say, I’ve stolen a looooooooooot of luggage bearing this tag. *

*Point to Note – That Should Be Mine does not condone luggage theft. Drug smuggling, perhaps.**

** I don’t smuggle drugs.

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