Pixar Playing Cards

Pixar Playing Cards

Given that I have the level of maturity that you would typically associate with an adolescent chimp (one of the naughty ones that does stupid shit like THIS), it is perhaps unsurprising that the majority of my social skills (of which I have very few) are gleamed from the films that I watch. And, truth be told, I’m incredibly reluctant to watch any film that hasn’t been autuered by the chaps at Pixar. Woody taught me everything I know about friendship i.e. spacemen are dicks but then alright and then sometimes dicks again. And Wall-E taught me about how cleaning up the planet is for chumps or something. As a perennial gambler (“perennial” means terrible, right?), I’m also a massive fan of card cards so I was delighted to see my two favourite things (Pixar movies and card games) intermingle so wonderfully in the form of these fantastic Pixar Playing Cards. There’s something less crushing about losing £10k on the craps table when you use your own cards. Yes, I am aware that craps doesn’t involve cards, I’m just being devilishly witty. And a knob.

pixar cards

pixar cards woody

“I’ve got a snake in my boot”. Is what I say when I’ve been dealt a good hand in poker. I’ve been told it’s somewhat of a tell.

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