Pop Out Chess Set

paper chessI don’t know about you but, in my eyes, chess is the most riveting, high-octane, edge of your seat pursuit that you can possibly undertake. I’m not going to lie though, I’ve not played chess whilst sober so I’m reluctant to extol its virtues during times of sobriety but I’m going to assume that its just as enjoyable when you’re not smashed on your own stash of moonshine. Such is my deep and unwavering love of chess, I invariably endeavour to play four or five games of Impromptu Chess (TV show to follow) a day. Now, given the Benedict Cumbersome nature of a chess board, this is often much easier said than done. That was, however, until I discovered this rather brilliant Pop-Out Chess Set which you can just carry around with you and pop out the pieces when you’re ready to get your chess on (I was born ready so far as chess is concerned). It’s usually beneath me to brag about my accomplishments but I taught Kasparov everything he knows. When he stopped letting me bestow my chess knowledge upon him, he got thrashed by that stupid kid or dickhead computer (I forget which) so, moral of the story is – I’m ace. Chess is an undeniably intellectual pursuit and given that I have a whopping IQ in the mid-to-late teens, it isn’t difficult to see why I have excelled at the sport. I am available for private tuition if you want. Bring Guinness.

cat chess

I couldn’t find another product image – so, here’s some cats playing chess. The smashed cat on the right, chilling out represents me and the nobhead on the left taking it too seriously is, errrrrm, pretty much any regular chess player.

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