Portland General Store Whisky Aftershave Splash

Whisky Aftershave Splash

Being a manly man, I shave two to three times a year and, given the frequency with which I need to tame my man-beard, I’ve long been on the lookout for an post shave liquid to sting the shit out of my many, many cuts after I’ve once again failed to shave myself without opening the bloodgates (that was clever. What a clever thing to say. Well done me). I remember one time, I went about 18 months without shaving and I had developed a whispy, bum-fluffy moustache that was the envy of the local lumberjacks, butchers and fireman. “How do you grow such manly facial hair, young man” they invariably ask. “Part bear” is my reply. And we all revel in my immense manliness. Anyway, I’ve digressed again – I wanted to say that on the (very rare) occasions that I need to shave, it would be nice to have a fancy bottle of aftershave to cauterise my wounds. I mean, I already cry after I shave, so I may as well add insult to injury with the fantastically awesome Portland General Store Whisky Aftershave Splash which will definitely do the trick of making my face smell nice and that.

Whisky Aftershave

Tastes great with ginger beer.*

* That Should Be Mine will not be held responsible if you go blind from drinking it with ginger beer.

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