Pretentious Beer Glasses


I’m a bit of a knob when I drink, truth be told. I start doing the Robot (under the mistaken impression that what I’m doing resembles a robot), I speak increasingly louder without noticing that I’m doing so and I demand to stop at every takeaway on the way home for a portion of cheesy chips, otherwise I throw my toys well and truly out of the pram.

Well, what if there was something that I could use to let those around me know that I’m a complete douchebag when I drink? Well, turns out there is, and it goes by the name of Pretentious Beer Glasses, which are a bunch of glassware for beer snobs (and nobs, like me) that will showcase to all and sundry that you definitely know your hops from your barley. On a side and semi-related note, I think that would make a pretty awesome name for a new detective show – Hops & Barley P.I.

Me: Hello, Fox, it’s Leo….Don’t hang up, I’ve got a good ‘un this time.

Fox: Make it quick….

Me: That’s what she said. But, no, in all seriousness, get a load of this – Hops & Barley, P.I.

Fox: Go on…

Me: Errrrrrm….that’s it. No wait! They solve crimes whilst they’re smashed.



I’m neither “subtle” nor “malty”. Got any “douchebag”, chaps?

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