Rat’s Piss Beer

rat piss beer

My affinity with Guinness is quite clear and thoroughly unwavering (they should be paying me commission or giving me a Willy Wonka style tour of the Guinness factory at least, given that I’ve mentioned their delicious nectar in about 95% of my posts) but, that being said, I like clever and witty things and this is particularly so when in the case of beer. So, naturally, I have had my head turned by this wonderfully branded Rat’s Piss Beer which, though I’m yet to see the health and safety documentation yet, I don’t believe contains any actual rat’s piss. Which is a shame because that shit tastes great. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.*

* That Should Be Mine is, in no way, advocating or endorsing the seeking and / or drinking of actual rat piss.

I remember the first beer that I ever drank at the age of 13 or so which was called Trojan (no, it wasn’t a condom flavoured beer, dickhead) and it was low-alcohol monstosity that topped out at around the 2% mark and it was, quite frankly, vile. Soon after my school yard chums and I had managed to force this woeful concoction down we, quite genuinely if I recall correctly, that it tasted like “rat’s piss” – so, I’m assuming that the creators of this Rat’s Piss Beer had a similar run-in with Trojan in their youth.

rat piss

I’m currently working on my Donkey’s Piss version but the intial taste tests I’ve carried out with a sample audience have been less than encouraging.

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