Robot Vacuum Desk Cleaner

Robot Vacuum

Whenever I sit down for a meal, the table invariably becomes largely like the Serengeti where only the strong survive and the weak are utterly destroyed. What I mean by this is that I ate like a slob and make a lot of crumbs / leave food remnants scattered around me. I eat like this regardless of the setting i.e. my desk at work, the Savoy (of which I am a member – I have no idea whether the Savoy has a membership scheme) or simply at my dining table (i.e. my lap) at home. Given this excess of crumbs and my complete and steadfast refusal to clean up after any mess that I make – whether this be food related or in my day to day doings – it has become all too apparent that I am in dire need of some sort of robot butler who, I’m hoping but isn’t a deal-breaker, will be the Jeeves to my Bertie Wooster i.e. make me cocktails and get me out of the sticky situations in which I become embroiled. So, basically, after failing to find a robot Jeeves, I’ve decided to plump for this awesome little chap that goes by the name of Mini Robot Vacuum – but I’m going to call him Horatio. And pay him considerably less than the minimum wage.

Update: Turns out robots have no use for my human currency. The little bastard went on strike.

Robot Vacuum cleaner

After my first Robot Vacuum went on strike, I was heartened to see that there was plenty of others who were prepared to cross the picket line and take his place.

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