Romo Smartphone Robot

Romo RobotRobots are well cool. Except those evil ones like Decepticons, Daleks and that creepy bastard from Prometheus. But for every Dalek you’ve got a Bender from Futurama or Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. So, the moral of this pointless story is that you have to take the rough with the smooth when it comes to welcoming robots into your life. Well, you should have no hesitation in adding the brilliant Romo Smartphone Robot into your life because he’s a right perky little chap and will essentially act as your life PA. He makes tea, runs the bath, cooks, does the washing, attacks burglars, walks the dog, finds something good to watch on FreeView, phones in sick for you, does your homework / workwork, explains why Robot Wars was a bullshit war (like Vietnam), drives you round, reminds you of key dates such as anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and the start of the Premiership football season, act as a servant bot, warns of impending rise of the robots and, finally, (maybe) charge your iPhone. OK, so, it doesn’t do any of those things but it rolls around and that and gives you a cheeky grin and stuff which is just as good in my opinion. I’m selling Romo a bit short there I think. According to the site, he also tilts his head, recharges quickly, plays games and scares the shit out of cats and dogs. Ergo, Romo is a legend and I want one.

Romo Pavement

Don’t leave any doors open because Romo’s have no sense of loyalty and will be over the neighbours playing with their kids instead in a heartbeat.

Romo Porn

Romo has delicate sensibilities so be careful where you leave your porn.

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